The Whitemarsh Youth Basketball League, a civic organization serving approximately 500 district children annually, is fully committed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 throughout its 2021-22 season at each of the school district facilities it accesses.

Below is a summary of the risk mitigation strategies the league will employ.  If there are additional steps recommended by the school or local health officials, changes will be made immediately as the league is notified.  The league may also enact additional measures in accordance with guidance from the MCOPH, the Pennsylvania Department of Health/Governor’s Office and the CDC, should circumstances related to COVID change that require more stringent strategies to further reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. 

Risk mitigation will include, but not be limited to the following:

  1. Face masks will be worn indoors at all school facilities at all times by all athletes and spectators. In accordance with CSD guidance, an exception will be made for athletes who may remove their mask while exerting energy in competitions and practices. Masks will be required while on the sidelines, on the bench and while entering and exiting buildings.  Masks will be worn by spectators at all times;  
  • Gym capacity limits will be dictated by CSD.  Should guidance require, WYBL will limit spectators to one per player, or should it be required, zero spectators per player, when possible.
  • Staggered game times.  Regardless of gym capacity limits, WYBL will stagger game start times to ensure only 2 teams’ players occupy the gym at one time.  Players, coaches and spectators will be required to remain outside the building until scheduled game time access.
  • COVID-19  Waivers.  Families will be required to complete waivers confirming they agree to adhere to Local and CDC guidance of when their child should be kept at home and not participate due to signs or symptoms or exposure to a potential case.
  • Separate entry and exits.  In facilities that allow, players, spectators and coaches will be required to enter and exit through separate exits to minimize cross-team interactions.   
  • Hand sanitizer and single use masks will be made available at all facilities on game days.